Office of International Engagement

The Mission of the Office of International Engagement

OIE Mission Statement

The Office of International Engagement (OIE) provides comprehensive service and support to UNI international students, domestic English Learners, and visiting international scholars. Our commitment to service and support includes English language instruction through the Culture and Intensive English Program (CIEP), immigration status advising, orientation and pre-arrival support, and student success initiatives. The OIE also leads the development of external and internal collaborations with international partners, cultural competency for students, faculty, and staff, and global awareness across the campus community.

Who We Are

OIE in Maucker Union is the point of contact for international students and faculty and a hub for internationalization efforts on campus. The office brings together the former offices of International Programs, International Students and Scholars, and the Culture and Intensive English program into one new unit, with a strong emphasis on retention and student success initiatives.

Our services

Immigration and Advising Service:

We provide a full range of essential student immigration services including advising, F-1/F-2 and J-1/J-2 status maintenance services (that include recordkeeping and reporting in the Student & Exchange Visitor Information System, aka SEVIS), employment advising and authorizations, travel advice and preparation, immigration status extensions, visa advice, and general advising on issues related to immigration and visas.

New Students Orientation:

We provide pre-arrival support, airport pick-up service as well as a specialized orientation session for incoming international students. The orientation is composed of workshops, presentations, tours, team building activities and local trips. This is all led by a team of student peers called Global Panther Success who serve as the cornerstone to this orientation and the students’ acclimation to the U.S. and UNI campus.

Cultural Programs in collaboration with the Culture and Intensive English Program

Conversation Partner Program:

The Conversation Partner Program pairs American students, staff and professors at UNI with students learning English as a second language. Partners meet a minimum of one hour each week. It is required that students speak English for one hour during the time they are together. This provides a cultural exchange for both partners, while one is learning English in a conversational setting. Students have the opportunity to improve English skills, experience American culture, and share their own culture with others. Students attend various athletic and cultural events together, make traditional food, visit local stores or watch movies together.

International Friendship Family Program:

The Office of International Engagement offers opportunities not only to UNI students, but to the community as well. Our International Friendship Family Program allows families to get involved and foster international and cross-cultural communication by getting involved with an international student. Some of these opportunities could include a shared meal, an invitation to a home, exploring the Cedar Valley trails, local restaurants, a night spent playing games, or sharing your favorite traditions with an international student!

Cross-Cultural Activities:

The OIE offers many opportunities for students to develop intercultural skills through cross-cultural events, field trips, traditional celebrations, and more. International Coffee Hour is one of the signature weekly events. Our goal is to bring people together, share event information, and spread awareness of the international community on campus.