Withdraw & Refund Policy

To withdraw from CIEP classes, students must submit a completed Requests and Concerns Form to the CIEP Office explaining which class(es) they are dropping and why. 

Students should refer to the CIEP Refund Policy for details about whether they will receive money back for the classes they did not finish.


Refund Policy

If a student withdraws from classes early, we will ask them to refer to our Refund Policy to see if they will be receiving money back from their initial payment or if they will still be expected to pay the full amount for tuition and fees. If the student withdraws after 11 days of classes, they will receive a 0% tuition refund. If they withdraw past the midterm point, they will receive 0% and an F grade.

Days from the Beginning of the Session

Refund Percentage



1 - 3


4 - 5 


6 - 8


9 - 10 


11 and After


Beyond Mid-Point

0% (and F grade for class(es))


The CIEP policy regarding withdrawals before the end of the session can be found in the CIEP Student Handbook on page 27.

 F1 students must be full-time to remain in good immigration status.