Visiting Scholars


It would be impossible to quantify the benefits derived by our faculty, students and the broader Cedar Valley community from the exceptional diversity of perspectives brought by foreign scholars. These individuals enrich our community’s intellectual and research endeavors, international connections and global perspectives.


Being an international visiting scholar is an enriching experience that cannot be matched by domestic learning alone. Visiting scholars have opportunities for networking, researching and promote internationalization. The universities that host international scholars benefit from the variety of perspectives and global experiences.

Over the past three years, UNI has hosted over 100 scholars from 31 different countries to conduct research under the guidance or in collaboration with members of the UNI faculty. Length of stay for visiting scholars can range from for a few days to a full year. Visiting scholars benefit from an accommodating place to pursue their work and from an ability to exchange ideas with our faculty, other visiting scholars, our students and our diverse Cedar Valley community.

In addition to pursuing their own research objectives, visiting scholars are often invited to actively participate in other university activities, such as:

  • Deliver a formal lecture to the school/college
  • Participate in departmental or interdisciplinary program seminars
  • Engage in formal or informal discussions with graduate students
  • Undertake collaborative research with faculty or staff
  • Present guest lectures in classes

The University of Northern Iowa encourages colleges, departments and faculty members to invite foreign scholars to campus to engage in academic and research collaborations and to teach. Such visits provide the UNI community with a diversity of perspectives, which facilitate the generation of knowledge.